The Face On Earth

I’ve just finished my tenure as an Artist In Residence for the Mojave National Preserve and I thought now would be the time to share this. Over the last 30 years, Margaret and I must have driven on the Kelbaker Rd more than 100 times, maybe even more than 150. During all this time had never seen this.

Last year we were driving back to the town of Baker, CA from Kelso to have lunch. As we were nearing Baker, I looked out the window and it was just staring at me. I yelled at Margaret, it’s a face, stop the car! I think I had startled her. She must have thought I was crazy. She brought the car to a quick stop as I grabbed my camera. She was still wondering what it was I was so excited about. I quickly pointed out the front window, she looked up, immediately saw what I was looking at and started to laugh.

As soon as I saw the face, an old memory cell in my brain brought up the connection. It looked amazingly like the images from the Viking Mars landers that landed on Mars in 1976. It was the image that became known as the Face On Mars. This face I was seeing bore such a resemblance to the one from Mars, could it be a sister structure?

The Face on Earth

The Face On Mars was shown to be nothing more than the way sunlight and it’s shadows plays upon the landscape of Mars. But know, here was another structure on Earth that produced almost an identical image. Could the original no be an optical illusion? Could the aliens have place such a structure on each planet they visited?

I know what I think. What do think?