I was mentioned in the Chatterbox Newsletter

Today I received the latest newsletter from Chatterbox Enterprises in my e-mail. Louisa Curtis of Chatterbox was one of the reviewers of my portfolio when I attended the Palm Springs Photo Festival at the end of April. In the newsletter, Louisa had a link to activities at the festival on her blog. I went to the blog and read her description of the festival. About 2/3 of the way through her blog post I was surprised to see myself mentioned in her post. I had a great time at the festival and came away with excellent input on how I should proceed. Seeing my name mentioned positively in a blog from one of the reviewers only adds icing on the cake.

Here is the lick to the blog. The mention of me is about 2/3 of the way down, under the picture of the statue of Marilyn Monroe.

Here is my “Land of the Giants” photo of Marilyn.


David Nelson
Blog: http://photoms.djnphoto.com

Photography with a scooter in Italy.

It’s been almost a month since I posted the blog about y experience of taking a scooter to Europe for our vacation. The post was about the general use of the scooter on our trip as it was my first real use of a scooter. At the end of the post I stated I would be posting again shortly about how the scooter affected my photography. Well, shortly has turned into a longer time as daily life got in the way. Life has finally slowed down a little, so I hope to be posting more and getting caught up. As part of that, here is the post on the scooter and my photography.

Before leaving for Europe, I didn’t get a chance to do photography while using the scooter. The second day in Rome, a group of us were going to go to St. Peter’s square to see what it was like during holy week. This would be my first real use of the scooter and doing some photography at the same time. I immediately noticed what could be a problem. If you look at many photos taken by the general public, you’ll quickly see that they generally take at a particular angle of view. The photo is most often taken from standing height, about 5 ft. to 6 ft. 6 in. for the general public. Once you get serious about photography, you realize that one of the items that make a photo interesting is showing a different Point Of View, POV. In other words, vary the height you take your photos from.


My wife, Margaret, son, Shawn, his wife, Cara, our 2 granddaughter, Annika & Giuliana, and their 2 nephews, Giuseppe and Luca, in St. Peter’s Square.

Being in the scooter, you tend to shoot you photos from the seat you’re seated in. At first you see this as a new POV as you’re not used to shooting from this height. But I realized after a time, that I wasn’t varying my POV. I would need to get off the scooter to vary my point of view, Standing for a higher POV, kneeling for a lower. Having to do this, adds another layer of inertia. Inertia, what does inertia have to do with photography? Maybe I should provide a definition of Inertia.

Inertia, a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.

As photographers, we’ve all experienced Inertia. Who hasn’t been traveling down a highway and seen a scene waiting to be photographed. But, instead of stopping the car and returning to that spot, we just continued on our journey. We then justify our not stopping by thinking it’ll be there tomorrow, the light could be better or we need to get where we are going or any of a dozen other good reasons. This was inertia, we were moving and it was just too much work stopping. It also works the other way, it’s going to be a great sunset, but there are any number of reasons to stay home rather than go out. We’ve all experienced “some form of this at least once.”

When you’re on foot, it’s easy to stop or turn around to take a photo. It’s also fairly easy to kneel down or sit down to change your POV. When you are on a scooter, you’re usually there because your legs aren’t fully functional, there is quite a bit of inertia to over come. It’s easy to just sit rather than get off the scooter to explore a better POV. I found that it was just to easy to just sit and take the photo. It’s something that I have to make sure I don’t fall into in the future.

While there are definitely drawbacks to the scooter, it is also a big positive. I can now cover much more distances than I could without it. When we were in San Quirico d’Orcia in Tuscany, it was great having the scooter to be able to get up and down the streets. I noticed that all the doors into the residences were different, but there were also similarities. I could drive up and down the street photographing the doors, though it was easy to just stay on the scooter. I’ll insert a few of the doorway photos for you to see.

I can definitely say that using the scooter provided me with an easy of mobility that I haven’t enjoyed for sometime. In fact, it was probably easier and faster for me to get around than a normal walker. I just have to overcome my own inertia and get of the scooter so that I have more of a choice of the POV I want. What I wouldn’t give to be able to walk, but having the scooter gives me back some of the mobility I’ve been missing.

Here are a few photos of the door in San Quirico d’Orcia. I photographed a couple of streets with doors and have about 40-50 different doors.

EuraopeanVacation2013-Italy-(20130401)-828 EuraopeanVacation2013-Italy-(20130401)-823 EuraopeanVacation2013-Italy-(20130330)-633


Terrible experience ordering from Light Impressions

I hate writing about bad service, but I feel that it is important to warn others about problems. Recently I needed some items to update my portfolio for an upcoming portfolio review. As I was extremely sick with the flu at the time, I decided to order the supplies I needed online, as I didn’t feel good enough to go out in public. Having ordered many items online from computers to TVs and having 2 weeks before I need the supplies, what could go wrong ordering some paper item.

I looked for the items I needed, a portfolio box and some interleave tissue, and found that they were available from a company called “Light Impressions.” I had used this company years ago to get archival storage supplies for photo transparencies, aka: Color Slides. I had good experiences with them back then, though this was before online stores. I ordered what I needed and received an e-mail confirming the order along with my order number.

This is where the first indications of problems arose. The e-mail stated that most items were in stock ship within 2 business days another 7-10 business day for deliveries. I found the time frame a little excessive, particularly that since I’ve received large items order through other vendors within a few days. Even items that were extremely came within a few days. But since I had more than 2 weeks I wasn’t worried.

12 days later I called to find out about my order and boy what I learned. It seems that this isn’t the old Light Impressions. The old one had gone out of business and this is a new group that had just taken it over, along with a couple of other businesses. I was told that my order hadn’t shipped yet as they are waiting for the items to arrive from the manufacture. Now I have now way of getting what I had ordered before I need it. Felling better now, I purchased what I needed locally. By the way, the portfolio review went great.

Talking with the representative on the phone was like talking to an excuse machine. They are a new company that has just taken over the old Light Impressions and their warehouse is not stocked yet. I told them that is fine, but why wasn’t this information given to me, the customer, when I placed my order. I was told they weren’t wet up to send out this information. When I inquired as to why this information wasn’t sent out later letting me know, again I was informed that there aren’t enough employees to perform these functions. I was told the have “thousands of order” and don’t have time to keep everyone informed. I can only assume that there are thousands of other artists waiting with no update.

The representative on the phone didn’t seem concerned that I have my business to run and that I need to know what is happening to schedule my business. Maybe she just didn’t understand as if they way they run their business is they way the rest of the world runs theirs. I informed that I was definitely going to blog and write about my experience to the Internet community. She seemed not to be too concerned. She again stated that they are doing the best that they can and they don’t have the resources. I informed her that that is not my problem and that I understand that, I have my business to run. If I had been informed of the problem by them and had time to wait, I might had left my order and waited. Since I had already acquire the resources I need locally, I cancelled my order, as I can only assume others will do. If they have the resources to take orders and money, they need to have the resources to provide support to their customers.

I don’t like to see businesses fail, but I can only assume that is where they are headed. I can only offer my extreme disappointment with Light Impressions and strongly express my displeasure with them. There is now way I could recommend them and warn others that use them at your own risk and if you do contact them immediately to find out what the likely hood of getting your order. Even if they have the item in stock, 7-10 business days is unreasonable.

Again, I will never use Light Impressions again.

My Portfolio Review at the Palm Springs Photo Festival

I have returned from the Palm Springs Photo Festival, an annual event held in Palm Spring, California each spring. Earlier this year I completed a seminar on “Fine Art Photography” taught by Bob Killen through the Calumet University. During the seminar we learned about what Fine Art Photography is and what we need to do to start producing work that could be considered Art. This was an exciting new direction to take my photographic endeavors.

During the seminar we needed to choose a theme to work on and produce some work that would be good enough to be show worthy. After the finish of the seminar, our work would be displayed in a show hosted at the Calumet store in Santa Ana. The show for our seminar opened Friday, April 26, and was well attended and received excellent reviews. It was a great way for the attendees to launch their new path in Photography. As we were finishing our seminar and preparing our work for the show, the discussions we were having was were do we go next.

Bob talked about how we need to get our work out in front the people that will be able to assist us with our work. Bob mentioned a few photography shows that provide portfolio reviews and recommended that we should try to attend on of the show and have our portfolios reviewed. This sounded great, but we may have produced 6-8 images during the seminar, not the 15-20 that would be needed for a portfolio. One of the shows that Bob mentioned was the Palm Springs Photo Festival that would be at the end of April. Could I enlarge my portfolio to enough images to have my portfolio large enough for a review?

I decided to throw caution to the wind and made a commitment to go to the PS Film Fest and have my portfolio reviewed. This would also force me to continue to work on my theme and continue to expand my portfolio. With just over 3 months to the festival, I definitely have to stay focused. During this time, I would also be finalizing my images for our show and on top of that, my wife and I had a 3-week vacation planned to Europe. The festival would be less than 3 weeks after we returned from Europe.

At times I was worried that I wouldn’t be ready in time for the festival. It even worked out that I got a couple of images for my portfolio while we were in Europe. In the couple of weeks between my return and the festival, I got all my images printed and my portfolio assembled and was read for the portfolio review. Even though I had many fears about my work and what would take place at the review, what could I lose? I looked at it as a learning experience, whether my work was loved or hated, I should receive a lot of valuable data.

So, how was the portfolio reviews? They were great. I received a lot of very good information about my work what I may want to do with it. I received data on my presentation and some changes that I may want to incorporate in the future. I had five reviews and all the reviewers were very positive about my work, which help remove the initial fear of possible rejection. If my work was not the type of work the reviewer would use, they understood my work and provided references to many who could use it. All the reviewers provide great information on whom I should consider contacting and how I should make contact.

All the reviewers were so helpful in providing with information and contacts so that I can expand the exposure to my work. The reviewers were professionals I the Art Business. I had 5 reviewers and I chose two consultants and three Gallery Owners/Curators. I was looking for information on my portfolio and how to present it, received excellent information, and am definitely going to make some changes to the portfolio. I was also looking for information on how to move forward with my art and where it might fit.

Here are the reviewers that I had chosen to have review my portfolio.

  • Susan Baraz – Creative photography consultant
  • Louisa Curtis – Creative photography consultant in New York City
  • Crista Dix – Director of the Wall Space Gallery of Seattle and Santa Barbara.
  • David Fahey – Director of the Fahey Klein Gallery in Los Angeles
  • Dana Salvo – Owner of Clark Gallery

They all were extremely professional and were willing to provide the information that I needed with my experience level. I would definitely recommend these reviewers to other photographers that are looking to expand the way they expand their horizons.

Would I go to the Palm Springs Photo Festival and have portfolio reviews? Yes, I planning now to return next year for portfolio reviews next year as I’m sure I will need more help next year after my growth this year. I’m also planning on participating in a few of the seminars and workshops next year. I just didn’t have the time to investigate and plan for ant seminars this year.

I’m hoping that I will see some of you there next year.