Partial Solar Eclipse or The Universe is Circular

Have you every pondered how the universe seems to be circular. Wether as actual circle or as spheres, everything seems to be circular. Planets, moons, stars and if something isn’t circular, it’s path through the universe is circular, i.e, orbits.

Last Thursday afternoon, in the United States, we got to see a couple of spheres traveling along their circular paths. We had a Partial Solar Eclipse. That is when the Moon in it’s orbital path crosses between the Sun and us here on Earth.

In the Los Angeles are, where I live, the moon started moving in front of the Sun about 2:30 pm with it reaching it’s maximum coverage about 3:20. We had our normal clear weather so we had a good view of the event. While not a spectacular as a Total Solar Eclipse, it still provide us with a reminder of where we are in the grans scheme of things.

All I had to do was to grab my camera equipment out on to my front lawn and snap a few images. I owed my Nikon D800E, my Nikkor 500mm f4 lens with a 2x teleconverter add to it. I set the ISO a 1600 and placed a solar filter over the lens. The Sun has quite a few sunspots on its face including on very large cluster just below the center of the sun. This all made for a very exciting image.


Partial Solar Eclipse-Oct. 23, 2014. From Buena Park, CA

Partial Solar Eclipse-Oct. 23, 2014. From Buena Park, CA

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