Photography & MS

Photography has been a passion for most of my life. I discovered photography when I was 20 and it’s still with me today, 43 years later and it will be with me until the end. I’m just not sure now how it will be with me. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and I’m in a constant fight with it to keep it from running my life.

In the 80’s I started working as a sports photographer and by the end of the decade I was ready to quite my fulltime job at the time and work as nothing but a photographer. It was then that I started noticing little difficulties with running and walking. Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with MS. At that time it just seemed like a minor annoyance. From then until now, the MS has steadily progressed to where it is a major problem in my life.

I have difficulty just walking shot distances with make getting around to make photographs very difficult. I shoot very few sporting events any more, only ones where I don’t need to move around or be on my feet. I quit most of my sports work by the year 2000, as I could no longer produce work that I would be proud of. I still want photography to be part of my life. Fine Art Photography allows me to work on projects I desire and allows me to work within my physical limitations. It’s a new world for a new process and me.

In September of 2008, my right arm and hand became numb and lost some of their coordination. I can no longer feel the shutter release on my camera, which makes it difficult to push the shutter release with any accuracy. I often have to take the camera from my eye and place my finger on the shutter release. But, even this also fails, as my finger will move as I bring the camera back to my eye. Even typing a blog can be difficult, as the fingers don’t do what I tell them to do.

This blog will be mostly about photography and what I’m doing photographically. It will also be about how I work around my MS to be able to continue to photograph. There will also be time that I will blog about MS and how it affects not only me but also many other sufferers of this disease. I want to share my knowledge of photography and computers with others and also provide some in site into the world that people with MS experience.